County Community Projects (CCP), has a vision to prevent homelessness, strengthen families and promote independence and rights. CCP exists to transform lives. Our priority is people who have serious and immediate need, equipping them to meet the demands of an ever evolving society.

Essentially all of our service users (we actually call them ‘people’) have a range of enduring vulnerabilities, which makes life that much harder. We have 3 strands including:


We are passionate about the need to prevent homelessness and providing solutions, old and new, which meet the needs of today’s homeless people

We provide independent advice and information enabling people to understand their rights and develop skills to make informed choices and achieve independence

We Provide help and support to vulnerable families in all aspects of family life, promoting wellbeing, achievement and freedom from dependency.

Any unrestricted funds raised goes towards innovations that will assist us in achieving our vision. E.G we have a professional Recording Studio, solely funded by CCP, that aims to offer people, regardless of their background or situation, an opportunity to have access to music. We use music with many of our people as a way of helping them to communicate and channel their energies in a positive way. It’s amazing what impact music has on the most uncommunicative and chaotic people.




Cheltenham Challenge - www.thechallenge.org.uk 19 June 2016