Frequently Asked Questions

Not, 'can it be done?' ...'how can it be done?'

Q. How far is it across The Atlantic Ocean
A. That depends on point of departure and arrival, the longest is often considered to be approximately 3000 miles.

Q. Where will Ben swim from and to?
A. Ben will not swim the shortest or longest distance across The Atlantic, he will swim from Senegal to Brazil which will be between 1800 and 2000 miles depending on conditions and control for drift.

Q. Why depart from Senegal and why arrive in Brazil?
A. There are many reasons and in respect of the fact ... there is no perfect or easy route. We have chosen firstly East to West to take advantage of easterly trade winds, i.e. coming from behind rather than West to East for example, from America to UK where the water is significantly colder and winds are less reliable in direction.

Q. A human being cannot swim alone 24 hours per day across The Atlantic, how is this addressed?
A. Ben will follow a support boat where he will sleep and eat, he will swim twelve of the fourteen of daylight hours per day ... 6 hours swimming, 2 hours rest, 6 hours swimming. During the night the boat will be kept in position ensuring that it does not drift in Ben’s favour while asleep. Any drift will be accounted for and made up towards the end of the expedition.

Q. How do we keep an eye on Ben and make sure we do not lose him and that he swims every single mile?
A. This is best described on the support team page but involves tagging him, GPS, observations, charts and filming.

Q. Ben is leaving at the beginning of November ... why winter?
A. Winter is not winter as we know it in Europe, in fact Ben will cross the equator and it is important that we arrive on the other side before the hurricane season (August and rarely July).

Q. How long will it take to cross The Atlantic?
A. The short answer is however long it takes (90 - 120 days). However, we are basing the provisioning of the support boat on four months.