WOWSA Verify Ben's Atlantic Attempt

20 March 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the FIRST ever verified attempt to swim every single mile of The Atlantic Ocean. WOWSA have released the following statement:

"Ben Hooper, a British swimmer, attempted a solo stage swim from Dakar, Senegal to Natal, Brazil, starting on 13 November 2016.  After 33 days traversing westward in the Atlantic Ocean in which Mr. Hooper swam a total of 18 days, the swim was abandoned on 15 December 2017. 

During these 18 sessions in the Atlantic Ocean, Mr. Hooper swam a total of 160.6 km or 4.9% of the anticipated total distance, swimming under his own power.  During his time in the water, Mr. Hooper swam in a single jammer shorts made of porous textile material, a pair of swimming goggles, a single latex swim cap on occasion, and a pair of earplugs.  He did not wear fins, use a snorkel, or use any kind of neoprene wetsuit or headwear during his swim where he was accompanied by an escort boat "Big Blue" and guided by a single kayaker from Dakar, Senegal.  Feeding during his time in the water adhered to standard English Channel swimming rules and the logistics of the stage swim adhered to standard World Open Water Swimming Association rules with the exception of the days where swimming was not safely possible due to turbulent conditions, unanticipated weather, medical/health issues, or boat technical problems. 

His escort crew included Captain Nigel Taylor-Schofield (UK), Chief Mate Russell Sandbach (UK), Observer & Medic Pamela Mackie (UK), Support Crew Ophelie Vtn (France) and Kayaker Mamadou Sene (Senegal). After abandonment, all members of the unprecedented stage swimming expedition returned despite one injury safely to Fortaleaze, Brazil, January 8th 2017 and then subsequently returned safely to their homes in their respective countries.  Mr. Hooper and his team anticipate a subsequent attempt to be made at a later date."

- Steven Munatones, Founder of World Open Water Swimming Association