Atlantic Swim Define Impossible? | Swim The Atlantic Ocean

"Imagine ... it's the year 1902 and two men are having a discussion regarding humans and their limitations"? These men are educated, they no longer believe the world is flat! They witnessed Harbo and Samuelson’s row across the Atlantic from the United States in 1896, which was considered by most to be a suicidal mission. They had made it in their open wooden boat.

Others believed the Wright brothers would fail. Only a brave few trusted the brothers would be successful in the first powered flight in 1903. It was said that man could not fly to the moon, could not climb Mount Everest, would never be able to walk across Antarctica unsupported, or freedive beyond 30 meters. The world freediving record is currently 214 meters on one, no-limits, held breath. 

Swimming the full extent of The Atlantic and to be the first. 
This is Ben's mission … and it is possible.

Expedition considerations - is it possible?

  • We travel with winds, currents and seas.
  • We plan within weather windows.
  • Does the shortest route allow the above?
  • Can we prevent shark attack or Portuguese Man-of-War stings?
  • The support boat must be skippered by an experienced person and trustworthy crew.
  • Who are the crew, what kind of people do we need?
  • Can we deal with being at sea for potentially three - four months?
  • Can Ben swim 25 miles in 24 hours?
  • Can we be self-sufficient for four months?
  • Do we believe it's possible?